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    I have a template which includes calendars and resources, when I import my project from excel using append to current project, and then set a baseline, Project does not set the baseline, there are no error messages, but when I add the column Baseline Start it just contains NA.

    The resource initials in my excel project are the same as the ones in the template.

    Project does seem to baseline if I highlight some tasks and then baseline on selected tasks; however this doesn’t work for all tasks and my schedule is very long so to do this for the whole schedule would be tedious.

    Project will also let me copy and paste the start date into the Baseline Start column.

    Does anyone know what could be going wrong or what I could do to overcome this problem?

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    Larry Christofaro
    Larry Christofaro
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    Rose… My first gut feel is that it is a bug somewhere in Project, but it would be interesting to figure out what the cause might be. If you don’t get an answer from someone else I’d be glad to see what I can do by looking at the schedule itself, if that’s OK with you. Reply with a request and we can work through it offline.

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