10 Best-read MPUG Articles of 2015

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Which of these stories have you missed in the past 12 months? Start the countdown…

10. Communication: 5 Ways to Improve Your Project’s Lessons Learned
It’s time to put some real energy into developing and creating your project “lessons learned” information. Bill Dow and Bruce Taylor offer five techniques worth practicing.
9. 7 Incorrect Ways to Use Microsoft Project: Forgetting to Set a Status Date
Erik van Hurck lays out why status date are so invaluable.

8. In Defense of Hard Constraints…
Bridget Fleming defends her use of Must Finish On (MFO) constraints in Microsoft Project to always ensure an accurate Total Slack value.

7. 11 New Filters in Microsoft Project 2013
Dale Howard profiles 11 new task filters included in Microsoft Project 2013 that can save you tons of time and trouble.

6. PMP® Prep: Calculating EAC and ETC for Forecasting
The two primary metrics used in forecasting are estimate to complete (ETC) and estimate at completion (EAC). Satya Narayan Dash covers the basics.

5. Your Personal Assistant: Highlight Tasks Due this Week
Sai Prasad offers a simple tip for highlighting the tasks due this week every time the project plan is opened.

4. Create a Killer One-Page Status Report with Project & Visio
Raphael Santos explains how to create a one-page status report with summary-level tasks to show the progress of each phase of the project as well as variances.

3. When Microsoft Project Won’t Connect with Microsoft Project Server EPM
Faisal Masood examines which versions of the desktop application prevent you from working with the server version.

2. 99 Tip-Mania! Microsoft Project Management Tips
Some of your favorite MPUG experts — alongside new authors — deliver a 99-tip extravaganza to help you do your work faster and better.

1. Microsoft Project 2016 Preview: Multiple Timelines
The release of Microsoft Project 2016 Preview offers much more control of your timeline views! Nate Auchter explains how it works.

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Written by Dian Schaffhauser
Dian Schaffhauser is MPUG's editor. She's been covering project management, business transformation and topics technical as a journalist and editor since IBM released its first PC. She invites you to send your best story ideas for MPUG to her at editor@mpug.com. She promises to let you know what she really thinks.
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