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2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Project

1. Here’s a keyboard shortcut for any version of Project: Click F4 and T on the keyboard to quickly enter today’s date into any date field in a table:

Ismet Kocaman keyboard shortcut tip 1

2. In all versions of Project, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D in order to fill in fields with the data selected in a table (all versions). But wait — there’s more! Here are two other methods to replace or copy the data in a table. First, use the Replace command (Task > Editing > Replace) to locate and replace the data quickly in a table. Second, drag the fill handle down to copy the selected data to the consecutive cells in the rows below.

Ismet Kocaman keyboard shortcut tip 2

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Written by Ismet Kocaman

Ismet Kocaman, MCTS, PMP, is a Mechanical Engineer and has more than 15 years of project management experience in the manufacturing sector. He currently provides consultancy to small to mid-sized companies on project management, reorganizing, and streamlining the manufacturing operations. He also conducts training seminars for engineers on MS Project. Contact Ismet at ikocaman.pm@gmail.com.

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