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3 Project 2013 Tips

1. Best Practice: If Microsoft Project offers to upgrade your Global.mpt file, I recommend you cancel the upgrade. Variations between old and new versions of Microsoft Project can have unexpected results. Instead, open the new copy of Microsoft Project and configure the settings changes manually.

2. Pressing the Esc (or escape) key on your keyboard will exit Project’s Backstage view, which shows activities you perform on your projects as a whole, and returns you to your normal view of Microsoft Project.

3. When you send an MPP file to someone, the recipient must use a licensed copy of Microsoft Project to read the file. There are third-party viewer applications that you can download, but I recommend you use Microsoft Project to avoid any problems with formatting consistency.

Written by Bill Raymond

Bill Raymond is an author, public speaker, trainer and consultant. While working in the product development, portfolio and project management markets, his personal objectives are to help organizations and individuals strategically plan and deliver business growth. Bill is committed to sharing best practices. Because of his commitment to the portfolio and project management community, he is the proud recipient of the prestigious Microsoft MVP award. Bill has also been honored with speaking awards from NASA and MPUG. Contact Bill through his website, Cambermast.

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  1. I understand the reasoning behind tip number 3, but I respectfully disagree, unless you want the recipient to make unknown changes to your MPP file, I would much prefer to send a PDF or Excel file to someone. Most will appreciate the reduction in size and the simplicity of working with a file they can review on most any computer.


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