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3 Secret Reasons to Upgrade to Project 2013

1. Baseline Permissions

If your using a Project Server 2010 solution and are restricting the ability to ‘Set a Baseline’ to a particular ‘Group’ of people, you may have noticed that Project Mangers that don’t have permissions to ‘Save a Protected Basline’ are able to update attributes found in the ‘Baseline’ table (or they can insert these baseline values into any view).
In Microsoft PPM 2013 this is now not possible; if you do not have access to save a baseline you will also not be able to change any of the ‘Baseline’ values.

2. Team Planner Constraints

You may have also found that the Team Planner feature would create constraints on tasks if you reassigned work in the team planner even if you didn’t change any dates. This is now fixed in 2013, to learn more see this blog post.

3. ‘Critical Tasks’ Highlighting

In Microsoft Project 2010, when the ‘Critical Tasks’ highlighting was turned on, the names of the assigned resources would disappear. I always assumed that this was a bug in 2010 as I couldn’t think of a logical reason for this, perhaps it was to make the critical tasks stand out more. However, in 2013 this is fixed and the Resource Names remain visible when the ‘Critical Tasks’ highlighting is in place.

Project 2010 Before:

2010 before

Project 2010 After:

2010 After

Project 2013 Before:

2013 Before

Project 2013 After:

2013 After

Happy Upgrading!

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