5 Tips for Planning How to Pass Your PMP Exam

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If you are preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® or Certified Association in Project Management (CAPM)® exam, then you need to have a study plan. As an experienced project manager you know the value of a project plan. So practice what you preach as you prepare to pass your exam. Be a planner, and apply good project management best practices in the process.

Example of a study plan for the PMP certification

1. Go through your studies and training in no more than two to four months. Set a schedule, and stick to it. Review the appropriate section of the PMBOK Guide with every topic in the training.

2. Purchase a PMP exam prep course and include it into your plan. Print out study aids that are part of the particular training module, especially if these cover topics that you find difficult. After finishing the course, take simulated exams.

3. Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will make you a little sharper and alert for information as you continue the training. You can take another full PMP or CAPM exam simulation every one to two weeks and adjust your study plan based on results.

4. In the last month leading to the exam, use a PMP exam simulator to identify your trouble areas by using flashcards and other training materials. Aim for 80 percent to 90 percent scores during your simulated tests as you get close to the actual exam. This will give you confidence that you are ready to pass — and if the scores are lower, will give you more impetus to work harder.

5. Read books, online materials, free templates, listen to podcasts, and any other materials that fit your learning style to see things from different angles and approaches.

The key really is to practice good project management and you will succeed. Increase your chances of project management exam success with a plan.

This article originally appeared as content on The PM PrepCast and is reprinted by permission of the author.

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Written by Cornelius Fichtner
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is a noted PMP expert. He has helped over 47,000 students prepare for the PMP Exam with The Project Management PrepCast and The PM Exam Simulator.
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