99 Tip-Mania! Microsoft Project Management Tips



We’re featuring some of your favorite MPUG experts — alongside new authors — in a Microsoft Project 99-tip extravaganza to help you do your work faster and better.


3 Tips on Managing Projects and Clients

By Eric Uyttewaal
The 1%-10% rule, paying attention to out-of-scope elements and how to prevent clients from micro-managing your projects.

5 Tips to Transition to SharePoint with Ease
By Robert Bogue
Transitioning from email to SharePoint as a primary communication hub is easier than you might think. These guidelines will help get you up and running.

6 Tips for the Perfect Project Plan
By Paul Naybour
These tips will increase the chances that you’ll implement a successful project.

7 Essential Project Performance Measures
By Stacey Barr
A project is intended to make an impact on the business, so project KPIs need to examine impact at some point in time Here are essential measures.

6 Tips on Microsoft Project Templates
By Bonnie Biafore
Working with Microsoft’s Global template or Project template? Remember these tips.

5 Tips for Planning How to Pass Your PMP Exam
By Cornelius Fichtner
To pass your PMI PMP or CAPM exam, be a planner and apply good project management best practices in the process.

5 Common Agile PM Transition Pitfalls to Avoid
By Mark Layton
Any well-intended Agile PM transformation is at risk of slipping back to old ways if certain challenges and pitfalls are not addressed and avoided.

3 Task Tips
By Eric Uyttewaal
3 handy task tips involving conversion factors for Hours per Day, keeping current durations and an exception to the rule against using constraints.

An Exam Prep Tip: What Would PMBOK Do?
By Cornelius Fichtner
As you face your Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, remember to answer exam questions from the PMBOK perspective.

Filter for Tasks Taking Place Outside of 8 to 5
By Ismet Kocaman
If you want to identify which tasks don’t start at 8 a.m. and don’t finish at 5 p.m., here’s how.

The Most Important 24 Hours Before PMP Exam Day
By Cornelius Fichtner
Two tips for making sure you are fully ready for your PMP exam day.

Disconnecting a Project from a Shared Resource Pool
By Ellen Lehnert
To disconnect a project from an external resource pool, follow these two steps.

5 Questions to Ask for Assembling Your First Agile Team
By Mark Layton
Pulling together an Agile project management team? Here are five questions to guide your decision-making.

4 Handy Microsoft Project Scheduling Tips
By Eric Uyttewaal
The “4D-1D” approach, the power of Microsoft Project as scheduling software, a caveat about Auto Save and working with Project Server schedules offline.

5 Tips to Follow When You’re in the Hot Seat
By Andy Kaufman
You’ll make mistakes as a project manager; but how you respond in turn can make all the difference. Here are 5 tips worth remembering.

Show Physical % Complete on Your Task Bars
By Ismet Kocaman
Here’s a handy tip for showing how much of your task is done in Microsoft Project.

5 PMP Exam Tips
By Cornelius Fichtner
These 5 PMP exam tips will help you prepare to tackle your project management test with greater confidence.

5 Tips for Becoming a Better Project Manager
By Chad Lyne
These tips will help you plan better meeting, manage stakeholders more effectively and be a better project manager every single day.

3 Tips: Autofilter, Entry Bar and the Timeline View
By Ellen Lehnert
These three tips will make your Microsoft Project work more effective.

Use Your Mouse to Change the Duration Value
By Ismet Kocaman
A quick tip to help you increase or decrease the duration value of a cell in Microsoft Project.

About Adding Columns in Project 2013 Tables
By Nenad Trajkovski
How come you can add a column to some tables and not others? No, it’s not a bug…

Display Project Info and Task Count without Project
By Ismet Kocaman
Here’s a useful way to display project information and task count without running Microsoft Project.

Finish to Finish/Start to Start Dependencies with Lag
By Nenad Trajkovski
This tip explains Lag with Dependencies other than Finish to Start, like Finish to Finish and Start to Start, in Microsoft Project 2013.

Get a Quick View of a Custom Field Formula
By Ismet Kocaman
If you’re working with Project 2010 or Project 2013, use this subroutine to display the formula in a custom field.

4 Tips for Working Smarter in Microsoft Project
By Ellen Lehnert
These Quick Access tips will streamline your Project work in small, simple ways.

Quick-check the Revision Number and Last Saved Info
By Ismet Kocaman
Here’s how you can see the revision number and “Last saved by” information of a Project file without opening it.

Inactive Tasks and the Five-minute Fix
By Angelo Arcoleo
A simple five-minute addition that lets you see in the Task Detail form of Microsoft Project which tasks are inactive.

Slack in Microsoft Project 2013
By Nenad Trajkovski
How come you can have individual items with slack in your schedule, but then have total slack for the whole project show zero?

3 Project 2013 Tips
By Bill Raymond
Short, handy Project 2013 tips from an MVP.

2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Project
By Ismet Kocaman
Two quick tips to speed your keyboarding activities in all versions of Microsoft Project.

8 Scheduling Tips for Project 2010
By Amjad Iqbal
These quick tips will help you understand more about scheduling activities in Project 2010.

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