A Happy Thanksgiving from MPUG: Help Us Give YOU More

We wouldn’t be the community we are with our members, and we want you to know how thankful we are. Every time you interact with MPUG, whether it be with a comment on an article, a response to a survey, or the sending of an email, your feedback is helping to build a stronger network of project managers.

To say thank you this holiday season, we are offering several handy desktop guides—one for MSP Desktop and one for Project Online. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned project manager, you’ll have all the best practices, tips, and tricks you need reminding of at your fingertips with these guides. That’s right, just head over to our currently open pop-up survey and answer just one question:

What are you using besides Microsoft Project to round out your project management toolbox?

Your answer, not only gets you the desktop guides for free, but it helps us know how to support you in the year ahead with relevant newsletter content, related articles, webinars, and courses.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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