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Chris Crane

Director, Project and Visio Product Marketing, Microsoft

Ask Microsoft Your Project 2013 Questions!Chris Crane is the Director of Microsoft Project and Visio Product Marketing and is responsible for product management, marketing and overall business direction of Microsoft Project and Visio. In this role, he works closely with customers, partners, Microsoft sales and marketing professionals around the world, and the Project and Visio engineering teams. Prior to his current role, he was Director of Pricing and Licensing for the Microsoft Information Worker business and Senior Product Manager in the Microsoft Windows business. In addition to nearly ten years of Microsoft experience, Chris also brings several years of high tech business experience, including living in Singapore and running Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China for a Seattle software company. He holds a BA in history from Bowdoin College and a MALD in international economics and business from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Howard Chow

Engineer, Microsoft Project