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Change the Duration of a Fixed Duration Task

This short video will show you how to change a fixed duration task without changing the total work hours. Many people think it is quite simple, but there is more to it than what meets the eye.


Add the Word Cancelled For a Cancelled Task

In this clip, Dale shows us how to indicate that a task is no longer needed and why you should never delete a task when base-lining your project.


Apply Conditional Cell Background Formatting for New Tasks Added through Change Control

“People ask if there’s any kind of conditional formatting in Microsoft Project the way there is in Excel and the reason that folks ask this question is because Microsoft Project behaves in many ways like Excel and it looks like Excel, there’s gotta be conditional formatting.” Watch this video to find out what kind of conditional formatting you can do with Project!


Using the Fastest Method to Create a Master Project

Dale shows us the fastest way to create a temporary master project in order to combine and analyze multiple projects on a bigger scale. The best part is that when you close out of your master project, all of your original projects will remain opened and untouched.