Here’s a situation that comes up often enough. Somebody creates a project in Microsoft Project Server 2010 or 2013 and gives it a particular name. Then later your project management office or business team decides to rename the project. Here’s how you can do that through Project Web Access (PWA).

1. Go to PWA and click “Project Center” in the left menu:


2. Find the project from the list that you would like to rename and do one of two things: Either select a cell other than the project name in the row or click the first empty cell on the left of the row. (A hint: Don’t click on the project name since that will bring up the project details page.)


3. Click on the “Projects” ribbon tab at the top, Click on “Open” in the dropdown and select, “In Project Web App for Editing.”


4. In the top of the left menu under the project name, click on “Project Information” or any project detail page that has a project “Name” field in it.


5. Change the name of the project in the “Name” field.

6. Click the “Save” button in the top left area of the ribbon.

7. You’ll see this message:

“The page and left navigation titles will not be updated with the new name of the project until the page has been reloaded.”

Click OK to get this message:


Next the “Save Job queued” message will pop out from the top right of the screen.

Faisal Masood Renaming a project in PWA figure 6.

Then you’ll see that your save was “completed successfully.”

Faisal Masood Renaming a project in PWA figure 7

At this point you can close the project and it will show the new name in PWA. I prefer to publish it just so that other database tables are updated as well.

8. Refresh the page to confirm the project has been renamed.


9. Click on the “Schedule” link at the top left.

10. In the “Schedule Tools” | “Task” tab in the ribbon, click on “Publish.”


11. Watch for these status messages popping up at the top right:

Save job queued
Publish completed successfully

12. Once the Publish operation is complete, click on the “Project” ribbon tab.

13. Click the Close button.


14. You’ll be presented with the Check-in message. Click Yes.


Some exceptions to be aware of: The “Tasks” page for team members will show the new project name, but the “Timesheet” page will show the old project name if it was created prior to your PWA project renaming. If that happens to you, delete or recall and create the timesheet again to show the new project name.