Modern work management is one of the top priorities of every organization. Project for the web is Microsoft’s most recent cloud-based offering to help people work together more effectively. Intuitiveness is part of the new offering, but to know its power you need to go beyond just that. Project for the web data is stored in entities within Dynamics 365 Common Data Services (CDS). You can work with data in CDS by customizing these entities, building new entities, and creating relationships as per your business needs. That said, working with CDS data may present a new set of challenges to citizen developers and project managers alike.

The first challenge becomes the complexity of CDS. Support and time are needed to understand these relationships. You don’t want to apply a wrong filter or miss creating a relationship that would result in incorrect data or visuals.

The second challenge is automation. Project for the web doesn’t have a feature to alert project managers or team members when something is done.

The last challenge is absence of chat-bot experience. Developers can build pretty cool chat bots with Azure Bot service and Cognitive services, but you have to know how.

Watch my on-demand webinar on this topic, and you’ll hear my ideas for how to best address the above three challenges. Are you looking for an idea of what I’ll be presenting? Here’s a hint: Power Platform! This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.