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Ask Microsoft Your Project 2013 Questions!

Do you have specific questions about the New Project that have not been answered? Post your questions in the comment section of this article for possible inclusion in our interview with Microsoft Project and Visio Marketing Director, Chris Crane and Project engineer, Howard Chow.

Chris and Howard will read your questions and respond to some of them in one of our upcoming featured articles! Stay tuned!

Chris Crane

Director, Project and Visio Product Marketing, Microsoft

Ask Microsoft Your Project 2013 Questions!Chris Crane is the Director of Microsoft Project and Visio Product Marketing and is responsible for product management, marketing and overall business direction of Microsoft Project and Visio. In this role, he works closely with customers, partners, Microsoft sales and marketing professionals around the world, and the Project and Visio engineering teams. Prior to his current role, he was Director of Pricing and Licensing for the Microsoft Information Worker business and Senior Product Manager in the Microsoft Windows business. In addition to nearly ten years of Microsoft experience, Chris also brings several years of high tech business experience, including living in Singapore and running Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China for a Seattle software company. He holds a BA in history from Bowdoin College and a MALD in international economics and business from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Howard Chow

Engineer, Microsoft Project 




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  1. Will Project Server 2013 have the functionality of tracking a resources/users evolution? For example, being able to keep a history of a users move from one RBS to another.


  2. My company is currently looking at using two types of projects on a single server. The top two are large detailed plans for capacity planning purposes and seperate timesheet plans. Is there an easy way to seperate the two types of plans in Project 2013?

  3. How do you create a “hammock type task” in MS Project. This is a task that starts (start to start) with a task in a group of tasks and ends (finish to finish) with the last task in this group. The hammock task duration will automatically expand or contract depending upon the total duration of the tasks in the group.

  4. Mr. Howard,

    We’ll have most interativities for graphifcs solutions similar 2003 version, but whith news of recent version?

    Walfrides Bastos

  5. When will the MCTS 70-178 certification exam and training materials become available for MS Project Professional 2013?

  6. I like and use many of the reports in MSP 2010 and earlier versions. I especially like being able to customize these reports easily. I cannot find the same reports or customization capability in MSP 2013. The MSP 2013 reports are snazzy, but I don’t find them as usuful as those in MSP 2010. How can I access these plain table type reports in MSP 2013?

  7. If there are no “inactive” tasks in the standard version, why distinguish between “active” and “inactive” tasks in the bar styles? Why include the “active task” filter as part of the standard package? I appreciate that the capability is only in Professional, but why decieve me into thinking I have something that I don’t?

  8. MS Project 2013 – I know that you can add a “Task Name” to Gantt bars. However, when I attempt it in 2013 at the point where you select “Task Name” from a drop down that will populate “left”, or “right” or “inner”, etc., there is no “Task Name” listed.
    Same thing when I was importing Excel spreadsheet to new project, while mapping excel to MSProject, there was no “Task Name” field in drop down to select. When I edited excel to exclude any column to the left of my task column, it imported fine (but still could not select “task name”). Something about task name that I am not considering? THANKS ever so much.

  9. How do you modify the gantt chart view similar to the wizard so that I can remove the resource names, etc

  10. I want to make my 2013 project schedules read only for people at my company and only be able to update their % complete. Is it possible?

  11. I have 2 tasks , Task A and Task B I have a constraint task B starting 1wk after task A starts , but I can put 100% complete on task B without Task A starting , how can I stop Task B completing before Task A completes?

  12. Hi,

    In MS Project 2013 will you be able to display and print a Gantt Chart that does not display non-working time? For example, if my project has work days scheduled from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm will I be able to create a Gantt Chart to print that only displays the activity for these consecutive work days (does not show 4:00 pm to 8:00 am or weekends)



  13. When adding multiple resources to a given task I need them to be ‘mapped’ somehow to each other so that the certain task cannot start or finish unless all of the assigned resources are available at a given time. For instance: I have an operator, a machine, and a tool as resources that are assigned to a task. However, the operator must have the machine and also the tool available in order to even operate…..and vice versa…..the machine cannot perform work without the tool or the operator…they all must run at the same exact time! I also need to do this between multiple ‘sub-projects’ that are all linked to using the same resource pool and I use the leveling option to schedule them among each other.

    I know in Access you can ‘map’ dependencies…so one this cannot happen unless another is in place….not sure if Project does it this way…

    I am struggling sooooo bad to figure out how to accomplish this…please help!!!! 🙁

  14. When establishing a new project, one step is to enter the project name in Advance Properties.
    In Project 2013, when I save to a new file name (v1 to v2), Advance Properties reverts to the new file name. Nothing else in Advance Properties changes. Is there a way prevent this from happening?

  15. I have created a Master project by inserting multiple subprojects. When I expand some of the subprojects, the dates on the highest-level summary task change. Why is this, and how can I prevent it?

  16. in my project plan, if I collapse a section, the task descriptions disappear. the line is still there, the dates, the % complete still there. but the text is gone.

  17. Hello,

    The interview noted above has already concluded. Please feel free to post your questions in the MPUG discussion forum to be answered by the experts: https://www.mpug.com/forums/type/discussion/



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