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Amjad Iqbal

About: Amjad Iqbal

Amjad Iqbal has many years of experience in managing software development and infrastructure projects in the IT industry. He's currently working as a project manager on multiple request-for-service projects and as a scheduler. Amjad is ITIL foundation-certified and a registered IT consultant and technician through the Australian Computing Society. He studied web application development through Swinburne University. Contact him at  

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8 Scheduling Tips for Project 2010

Written on August 31, 2015, by

1. In Project 2010, I always use “Must Finish On” instead of a deadline date for the last task in my projects, in order to cement the task in the schedule. 2. I use “Start No Earlier Than” when something is to be delivered by an external vendor, such as, “Delivery of roof by October…

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