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Andrew Lavinsky

About: Andrew Lavinsky

Andrew Lavinsky, PMP, MVP, is a manager in the program management practice of a Big 4 consultancy, where he focuses on enabling organizational performance improvement through enhanced project and portfolio management. As a professional trainer and consultant, Andrew has a diverse background providing services in such industries as oil and gas, healthcare, finance and IT. Andrew has lectured extensively on project and IT operations management topics within the United States and abroad. A graduate of the George Washington University, he has been an active volunteer with PMI, ITSMf and a number of other professional and educational organizations. In the mid-1990s Andrew was involved in the creation of one of the first official nongovernmental organizations in Mainland China. Later in that decade he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Mongolia, moving on to manage project delivery for Fortune 500 companies in the Chinese market. Contact Andrew at

All Articles and Webinars by Andrew Lavinsky

How to Accelerate the ROI of Your PPM Investment

Written on June 13, 2016, by

What if I told you that I know how to shortcut the payback period on a typical project and portfolio management (PPM) maturity initiative? What if I could tell you how to abbreviate the growing pains and go straight to the results? Getting to a solid return on investment on your PPM investment takes a…

When Deterministic Scheduling Meets Kanban

Written on February 2, 2016, by

One of the fun things about my job is that often I find myself knitting together multiple disparate systems and scheduling philosophies. In this case, I’m working with a client on a field scheduling problem, and we’re identifying how the multiple constituencies within the organization can collaborate to deliver a high level of service to…

Annual Planning, Mode 1 Management and Circular Logic

Written on December 7, 2015, by

Gartner introduced an interesting concept earlier this year: Mode 1 and Mode 2 planning. Mode 1 planning, as they described it, is the traditional planning approach to projects. Each project is scoped out, estimated, a business case is built, and then approved in some sort of an organizational cadence. When performed annually, this process is…

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