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Bridget Fleming

About: Bridget Fleming

Bridget Fleming, PMP, PMI-SP, MCP has been in project management and scheduling for over 30 years, working with Microsoft Project since 1994 and Project Server since 2002.  As the founder of PMM, a project management training and consulting company, she has provided implementation support, process definition, user support and training for Microsoft Project and Project Server.  Bridget ran a Microsoft Project helpdesk for 15 years that provided support for a Fortune 100 client with over 500 users and has trained thousands of users in Microsoft Project and Project Server.  Bridget was a core team member for the development of PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling - Second Edition.  You may contact Bridget at

All Articles and Webinars by Bridget Fleming

Mastering Your Critical Task Threshold

Written on June 30, 2015, by

All too often project managers narrowly focus on the critical path tasks in a project to the exclusion of all other tasks. In many projects, however, what we call near-critical paths are just as likely to cause a project to experience schedule problems and miss the commitment date. To illustrate, let’s start with two definitions…

In Defense of Hard Constraints…

Written on March 10, 2015, by

I have a confession to make that will surprise many experienced Microsoft Project users – I use Must Finish On (MFO) constraints.  I have found that they are the only way that I can always ensure an accurate Total Slack value in my projects.  Let me explain using a simple example… Here is the scenario…

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