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Dale Howard

About: Dale Howard

Dale Howard is the Director of Education for Sensei Project Solutions.  He is in his 15th year of serving as a Microsoft Project MVP (or Most Valuable Professional) and is currently one of only 59 Microsoft Project MVPs in the entire world. Dale is the co-author of 21 books on Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online. He works out of his home in Ellisville, Missouri (a west suburb of St. Louis).

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Create a Monthly Cash Flow Report in Microsoft Project 2016

Written on February 19, 2018, by

One of the useful new features introduced in Microsoft Project 2013, and continued in the 2016 version of the software, is the Dashboard Reports feature. This feature replaces the old paper-based reports feature found in Microsoft Project 2010 and all previous versions of the software.  Although I personally love these Dashboard Reports, they have one…

Analyzing Progress Slippage on Fixed Duration Tasks

Written on February 5, 2018, by

Background Information Many years ago, it was my privilege to work for seven months with a group of schedulers at a large company in New Orleans. At the time, the schedulers were using the new Microsoft tool named Project Central, which became the forerunner to Project Server and Project Online. In their Microsoft Project schedules,…

Warm Yourself Up with 4 Sizzling Pointers for Project Online Application Administrators

Written on January 22, 2018, by

Introduction Serving as a Project Online Application Administrator for your organization can be an overwhelming experience. There are many features to set up in the system, and the right way to set them up is not always as obvious or as intuitive as we’d like it to be. Using a trial and error approach for…

Using the Locked Column to Prevent Task Updates

Written on December 5, 2017, by

Problem One of the challenges facing project managers who use the Microsoft PPM solution (Project Online or Project Server) is how to prevent team members from entering additional time on completed tasks. For example, two weeks ago a team member named Mickey Cobb used the Timesheet page in Project Web App to enter time on…

Task Splits in the Future – A Scheduling Mystery

Written on October 31, 2017, by

Some time ago, one of our clients experienced an unusual situation with an enterprise project in Project Online. The client is using the Timesheet feature in Project Online to capture task progress entered on a daily basis by team members. The project contained task splits in the future, and the client could not determine why….

Scheduling the Shortest Duration Possible

Written on September 5, 2017, by

A user posed an interesting question recently in the Microsoft Project Standard and Professional TechCenter forum on the Internet. He asked how to assign resources to a task to generate the shortest Duration possible for the task using the following requirements: The task requires 100 hours of total work for all assigned resources. One resource…

When a Fixed Duration Task is Truly Not “Fixed Duration”

Written on August 22, 2017, by

Oh, the misery! If you’ve ever used Fixed Duration tasks in your enterprise projects running in Microsoft Project Online or Project Server and your organization uses the Timesheet page in Project Web App (PWA) to track actual task progress, then no doubt you have experienced heartache and disappointment. Those Fixed Duration tasks don’t behave the…

The Secret Life of Calendars in Microsoft Project

Written on July 25, 2017, by

In September, I celebrate my 20th anniversary of using Microsoft Project for the first time, beginning with version 4.0 for Windows 95. Twenty years later, I’m still amazed at how well the software does what it was designed to do: calculate the project schedule. First and foremost, Project is a scheduling tool. How does Project…

Using Protected Baselines

Written on June 13, 2017, by

I received an interesting question from one of our new clients recently, and I thought you might be interested in the answer. The client wanted to know how to prevent project managers from saving a baseline in their projects, and to restrict all baseline operations to only those who are staff in the Project Management…

Manually Entering Task Costs — How Is This Even Possible?

Written on May 16, 2017, by

I recently learned something new about Microsoft Project. This new knowledge is an extension of how Project calculates the Cost value for each task. As most of us already know, the software calculates the Cost value for each task as the sum of the Cost values for each resource assigned to the task. For example,…

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