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Elizabeth Harrin

About: Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin, MA, FAPM, MBCS is Director of Otobos Consultants Ltd, a project communications consultancy specializing in copywriting for project management firms. She has over fifteen years’ experience in projects. Elizabeth has led a variety of IT and process improvement projects including ERP and communications developments. She is also experienced in managing business change, having spent eight years working in financial services (including two based in Paris, France). Elizabeth is the author of Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers and Customer-Centric Project Management. She also writes the award-winning blog, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. You can find Elizabeth online at or on Twitter @pm4girls.

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Starting Projects Too Soon

Written on March 9, 2018, by

Dear Elizabeth: I work on a product team with a very efficient manager—too efficient! In her efforts to make deadlines, she often has us start early on work—before we have all the requirements. It feels productive at first. But as requirements change, we end up going back and redoing or fixing work and start to…

Riding the Productivity Roller Coaster

Written on February 26, 2018, by

Dear Elizabeth: I run a product team that responds to seasonal demands, and our output fluctuates. We have times when we’re very busy and then a couple of weeks where it’s slow. There’s always work to be done, but when demand ebbs, people’s productivity and engagement does as well. How do I keep my team…

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