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Glenn R. Brûlé

About: Glenn R. Brûlé

Glenn R. Brûlé, CBAP, CSM, is the executive director of Global Client Solutions for ESI International. A recognized expert in the creation and maturity of business analyst Centers of Excellence, Brûlé has helped clients in the energy, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance and automotive industries, as well as government agencies across the world. For more information visit

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10 Key Business Analysis Trends to Guide Your IT Organization to Greater Results in 2011

Written on May 16, 2011, by

This year organizations are picking up the pace to leverage rapid developments in technology which will enable them to be more productive and more competitive. To ensure their success, requirements management and development (RMD), or business analysis, is a critical discipline that cannot be overlooked in their initiatives and programs. RMD is the process of…

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