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What Features to Expect in SharePoint 2019

Sharepoint 2019’s development is going on in full swing. Microsoft briefed about the progress in the recently concluded Ignite conference at Orlando. This has sparked interest among potential users although the preview is slated for mid-2018. Sharepoint 2019 is expected to come bundled up with an array of exciting new features. The excitement among the fans have continued to generate curiosity. This post takes a sneak peek at top new features. Share and Work Together Sharepoint and OneDrive are similar fundamentally in terms of technology, however, OneDrive is introduced with a concept of ‘share and work together’. Now, you can easily share content, information, and apps no matter on what you are working from Microsoft Teams to Outlook to Yammer after the release of Sharepoint 2019. Revamped Admin Centre The Admin Centre of Sharepoint has been completely overhauled. The revamped page would now dynamically feature notifications from OneDrive and Sharepoint. The notifications would pertain to information about service health, active sites whose data can be filtered, and file related activities. Recover Bin has been provided to facilitate recovery of deleted sites. Data Leakage, conditional access and conformance to policies have been addressed through advanced controls related to sharing and device’s policies. Enhanced Migration Tool The new tool would help in seamlessly moving document libraries, shared files and other content from server sites situated within Sharepoint data centers of the organization to cloud. Cloud options include Microsoft’s Sharepoint Online Services hosted on cloud or OneDrive Office 365 server. Migration tool’s preview has already been released by Microsoft. The tool is capable of handling migrations of all scales with equal ease. Work is still in progress on this tool and addition of more optimized controls for facilitating movement of files, sites and tenants are on the cards. Data Residency and Compliance SharePoint Online would have better compliance capabilities. This feature has been titled ‘Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365’. The organization would have the option of choosing the regional location for data and search index storage. One can get a feel of the purported capabilities by signing in at the announcement page of Microsoft. An organization can specify the access policies for a device in which content have been stored for access through SharePoint server. The policies can be spelled out at site collection level. Access to sites from the policy controlled devices can be limited on an individual site basis. Data Security Data security would be taken to the next level in SharePoint 2019 with enhanced ‘service-level encryption with customer key’. Designed for SharePoint Online, an organization can revoke the keys which would block all access to sensitive content. Once the content has been classified, control can be implemented. This would also be integrated with Office 365 that would result in spontaneous signing out of a session once it has remained idle for a set period of time. Addition of Hub Sites Users of SharePoint Online can also avail of Hub Sites. This feature would be unveiled at the start of 2018. The dynamic interface would allow users to couple relevant sites to get news and activity information collectively, for simplification of searches, for strengthened shared navigation and better look. Team and communication sites can be associated. Hub sites would become powerful knowledge sharing tools. Personalization of Search The first look of ‘Personalized Search’ would be released by the end of 2017. Apart from faster searches, items would be listed in the result page from SharePoint site. Earlier, search results confined them to enterprise search center. Search capability can also be accessed from Windows Taskbar. Advancement in Web Parts Considering people’s choice and their expectations there would be several new web parts in sharepoint 2019: MICROSOFT FORMS for creating and surveys that can be directly visible on your pages. View your PLANNER items from the same page. Now no need switch from one app to another view your relevant planner items. Embed all kinds of work on your ‘Team and Communication’ with FILE PRE-VIEWER web part which will function as the own web part of OneDrive. Share your work with the organisation members and let them view through ACTIVITY WEB PART CONNECTOR WEB PART will connect you to 100 different data sources from single view. Microsoft continues to make improvements in YAMMER web part to fit in better with rest of their collaboration apps. 3D FILE VIEWER WEB PART to interact with 3D models while working on your current page. Other features to expect in SharePoint 2019 In SharePoint 2019, there would be a slew of advanced features. Prominent among them would be an ability to use customized forms using PowerApps, and capability of launching Flows in OneDrive. There would be an integration of ‘Flow Launch Panel’ that would seek inputs from users. Custom approval action for libraries would be made flow based. This would need check-in and formal approval. Sharepoint lists can be formatted in a columnar manner also. The best thing about SharePoint 2019 is it will help and improve the users for efficient sharepoint project management as it promises to offer a refreshing new experience. Related Content Webinars (watch for free now!): Real-time Conditional Alerts for SharePoint & Project Server/Online Manage Projects Using SharePoint Series Articles: Tip: Hide Security Settings in SharePoint Office 365 Online Microsoft® SharePoint Keyboard Shortcuts 6 Essential Elements for Your Project Team Site