Author: Luis Contreras

Luis Contreras is President of AzTech International and has over 25 years of experience implementing earned value management systems throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He has worked with both government and industry on both sides of DCMA compliance reviews, and with contractors on IMS assessments, schedule risk assessments, and integrated baseline reviews. He helps organizations optimize all facets of EVMS -- from the proposal stage to baseline development and execution. His breadth of expertise includes EVM, scheduling, ERP/MRP, and earned value in a manufacturing or production environment. Mr. Contreras has led AzTech's design team in developing custom applications as well as commercial tools such as Run!AzTech and Run!23 for Microsoft Project scheduling professionals, and the AzTech Compliance Expert (ACE) for assessing EVMS compliance prior to integrated baseline reviews, compliance reviews, reviews for cause, and for independent and self-assessments. Learn more about the company at