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Marc Soester

About: Marc Soester

Marc Soester is the Managing Director of i-PMO, an organisation dedicated to successfully implement Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution throughout Australia. Marc and his team have extensive expertise in the implementation of Microsoft Project Server and Portfolio Server as well as conducting training in Project. He has more then six years of experience implementing EPM solutions and is Australia's first and currently only Project MVP (Most Valuable Professional). You can contact him at

All Articles and Webinars by Marc Soester

Ask the Experts: How Resource Sharing Works in a Master Project

Written on June 22, 2009, by

Shelley asks: I am working with a resource pool that has about 30 sharer files. How can I work with resources from the pool along with some resources that are only working on one project? I have set the workgroups for the “local” resources as “none” (as you would if you were using Microsoft Project…

Ask the Experts: When % Complete Won’t Calculate

Written on May 25, 2009, by

Nancy asks, “I have been a project controller for about seven years. I have a problem that I cant figure out. My % Complete column has stopped calculating. Also, the Actual Duration and Remaining Duration are not being updated either. Actual Duration is always zero even though its well into the task. So Remaining Duration…

Ask the Expert: Optimize Microsoft Project Performance

Written on April 27, 2009, by

Joseph McDowell writes, “Microsoft claims Microsoft Project 2007 has the capacity of up to 400,000 tasks. However, we have a number of projects that when they get to about 1,000 tasks, things start to slow down, and when you get to 4,000 to 6,000 tasks, things slow down drastically. We’re running Project 2007 Professional on…

Ask the Expert: Importing Data from Excel into Project

Written on March 17, 2009, by

Richard J. writes, I’m using Microsoft Project 2000 to import data from Microsoft Excel but some of the data isn’t appearing in Project, seemingly at random. This may be because there are 305 rows of data to import. Is there a limit to the amount of data you can import into Project from Excel or…

Ask the Expert: Custom Reports in Microsoft Project

Written on February 3, 2009, by

Reggie Brown asks, what are some methods to produce custom reports with Microsoft Project 2003 and 2007 data? Answer: Both versions of Microsoft Project allow various ways of creating custom reports, whereby Project 2007 offers a brand new feature called “Visual Reports.” I won’t cover all reporting capabilities available within Project by utilizing the Group…

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