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Michael Steinberg

About: Michael Steinberg

Michael Steinberg, PMP, MCP, is a Managing Consultant at international business consultancy Campana & Schott. He has over 30 years of IT consulting and training experience, including 20 years in project management. In his current position, he manages and conducts enterprise project management process and technology implementations and deployments, including solution installation of SharePoint and Project Server, process design, user training, custom development integration with enterprise business systems and server administration. Contact Michael at

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Try This Status Manager Trick

Written on April 11, 2016, by

  Microsoft Project Professional has a nice feature that allows project managers to delegate the responsibility for reporting task progress and/or approving task progress by changing the Assignment Owner and/or Status Manager on any task. Changing assignment owners is particularly useful if a resource won’t be able to enter his or her own progress for…

Back to the Future

Written on September 16, 2008, by

You have been diligently tracking progress against your project schedule. Your team members have diligently reported their hours worked each week and have estimated the remaining work on each task. Everything is right with the world until a team member comes up to you and says, “I cant start working on ‘Locate New Site’ because…

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