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Mike Glen

About: Mike Glen

Mike Glen from Oxfordshire, England is a Chartered Engineer and RAF pilot, who retired as a Wing Commander engineer after 32 years in the Royal Air Force. He spent eight years at Cranfield University at the Royal Military College of Science as a lecturer in project management and computer applications. Then, as a computer applications consultant for seven years, he specialized in training Microsoft Project. He was awarded MVP status in 1997 and has been re-awarded each year until 2011 (14 years). Now retired, apart from a continuing interest in computing, his spare time is taken up with four grandchildren, caravanning, visiting historic houses and gardens, serving as a lawn bowls club coach, Barbershop singing, and classical music. Mike is the co-author of Que: Special Edition Using Microsoft Project 2002 and contributor to TechTrax for Microsoft Project training. Connect with Mike as a contributor to the Microsoft Project User Group and Webmaster of the MVP Project web site at

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Network Analysis: The Best Practice for Calculating Duration

Written on November 4, 2019, by

If you read my Guide to Network Analysis, made available last month, you hopefully gained a better understanding of a project’s “Network” and “Analysis.” The “Network” part being a logic diagram of connecting nodes (details of the individual tasks and the relationships between them), and the “Analysis” part describing the process of estimating the duration…

A Guide to Network Analysis

Written on October 7, 2019, by

Introduction The core technique available to Project Managers for planning and controlling their projects is Network Analysis. This short guide will provide a basic understanding of networking principles before applying them. Network Analysis, Critical Path Analysis (CPA), or the American “Program, Evaluation, and Review Technique” (PERT) is one of the classic methods of planning and…

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