Author: Pete Smith

I was born in Brixton, South London, in the 1950s. My family migrated towards prosperity through suburbs and class barriers in a sequence of moves that were in strict synchronicity with the release of each successive Rolling Stones album. The timing of the moves was not in any way a coincidence, though the exact causality remains, as they say, 'another story'. By the time I was 18, my family had moved a distance of eight miles, two and a half class barriers and eleven Stones Albums. My book, 'Project Management - All You Need Is Love' is about what happened next. It is in my completely unbiased opinion simply the best book on Project Management ever written. Encouragingly, almost all of the people who have written reviews on Amazon seem to agree. It is NOT a theory book. It tells tales of triumphs and disasters from my travels around the world. It explains why I was heckled by 30,000 Arsenal supporters, why my wife Sarah and I had 10,000 people at our wedding, and probably most importantly of all contains the famous Rule 6 which I can confidently assert has never appeared in any other Project Management book before.