Author: Praveen Malik

Praveen Malik, PMP, has two-plus decades of experience as a project management instructor and consultant. He regularly conducts project management workshops in India and abroad and shares his project management thinking in his blog, PM by PM.

Two project management professional women sitting at a computer in an office working together.

Back to Basics: What is The Difference Between Product Manager vs Project Manager?

What is the difference between product manager and project manager? Even though they overlap with each other, they are completely different.

Shapes being placed on a table

Back to Basics: What is Project Governance?

In this article you will learn about five risk management best practices for project managers.

Back to Basics: What is the Difference between Process Groups and Phases?

I got introduced to formal project management processes through Rational Unified Process (RUP) in the year 2000. RUP was developed by Rational Corporation which was later acquired by IBM. It is an ite...

Project Stakeholders

Back to Basics: Who Are Project Stakeholders and Why Are They Important?

About two decades ago, I was working for an IT Services organization. Our company got a re-engineering project from a Fortune 500 company, and I was designated as the project manager. The client had a...

Back to Basics: Assumptions vs. Constraints vs. Dependencies

I regularly provide project management advisory and Project Management Office (PMO) related consulting services to my clients. On many occasions, I have found that project managers do not di...

Project Management

Why is Project Management Important?

I have been conducting PMP training workshops for about 15 years. I usually start my training sessions by asking participants to introduce themselves and state their expectations of the training progr...

Back to Basics: Why do Projects Fail?

I was working for an IT services company in early 2000. The much-dreaded Y2K problem had just passed without giving us too much trouble, and we had gotten a big project from a U.S based Fortune 500 co...

Back to Basics: How to Start a Project?

Aristotle was a great philosopher, but it’s my belief that if he had lived today, he would have become a great project manager. Living in 4th century B.C., Aristotle wrote a series of books on politic...

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