Author: Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith has over four decades of experience as Senior PM/Program Manager. He retired from IBM having written four books and over four dozen articles (for example, PMI’s PM Network magazine and MPUG) on project management, and the systems development life cycle (SDLC). He’s been a member of PMI since 1998 and evaluates articles submitted to PMI’s Knowledge Shelf Library for potential publication.
From 2011 – 2017, Ronald had been an Adjunct Professor for a Master of Science in Technology and taught PM courses at the University of Houston’s College of Technology. Teaching from his own book, Project Management Tools and Techniques – A Practical Guide, Ronald offers a perspective on project management that reflects his many years of experience. Lastly in the Houston area, he has started up two Toastmasters clubs and does voluntary work at various food banks.

Killing a Major Project is Hard

Learn how to effectively pull the plug on major projects, exploring real-life examples of failed projects and valuable lessons to be learned.

Setting Up a Project File: Microsoft Project Templates, Shortcuts, and Best Practices

Learn how to set up a project file in Microsoft Project 2019 Professional desktop edition using templates, key aspects, and shortcuts.

How Risk and Quality Management are Interlinked

Quality management is not independent of risk management. Both should be managed together, and are two sides of the same coin.

Infrastructure Improvements: Guidance on How to Be Successful

When technology managers talk about infrastructure, they are referring to foundational elements such as network switches, servers, backup systems and security devices. There is also the software infra...

Project Information Repository

Project Information Repository

Learn how to create an effective Project Information Repository (PIREP) tool, which is fundamental for managing software development projects.

Displaying Values Graphically using Microsoft Project

Displaying Values Graphically

Displaying images or pictures instead of values makes it easier for you to spot project performance. For example, traffic-light icons can show project performance: a green light could mean the task is...

How to Calculate Your Project's Risks for Success

How to Quickly Calculate Your Project’s Risks for Success

Assessing Risk Countless studies over the last four decades point to similar findings: Approximately 50% of projects you undertake will be late and/or over budget, and approximately 25% will be cancel...

Sign cancelled

Killing a Project

Introduction Management reviews, sometimes referred to by project managers as phase exits, stage gates, or kill points, are very important for keeping projects on track. These moments serve as decisio...

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