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Thomas Cutting

About: Thomas Cutting

Thomas Cutting's mission is to raise your expectations of project management through supporting your company's efforts to: • Establish an Enterprise PMO • Assess and Increase Process Maturity • Develop Effective Processes • Deliver Projects successfully He is currently doing this for C3G. Prior experiences found him in the entertainment, retail, health insurance, banking, healthcare and automotive verticals. Managing, training, mentoring and working in this diverse background provides him with the basis for his writing and speaking engagements.

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Killing False Confidence

Written on April 2, 2013, by

You leave for your flight well ahead of schedule. Traffic is light and you arrive, unhurried, at the airport. Strolling up to the counter you secretly laugh at the frantic people running toward the crowded ticket line or scanning the flickering departure screens in panic. Being the saint that you are, you even let a…

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