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Anthony Woodrich

About: Anthony Woodrich

Tony Woodrich is President of the Southeastern Michigan MPUG.  Tony spends his time supporting clients implementing project management.  Prior to joining the commercial sector, Tony served his country as Captain in the United State Air Force, buying, building and maintaining various defense R&D projects, systems, and facilities. Tony is a PMP, a CCP, has a MBA from Bentley University in Massachusetts, and a Civil Engineering Degree from the United States Air Force Academy.  Tony has also volunteered on the board at the Camp Newton Club, an outdoor non-profit nature conservancy and for a Florida Beach co-operative.

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Time Impact Analysis: Extra Work and the Effect on the Finish Date

Written on July 1, 2014, by

Project Managers are often eager to undertake additional challenges.  Experience shows the seasoned manager under-commits and over-delivers as opposed to the alternative (over-committing and under-delivering).  There are real world processes and tools in place that can help the Project Manager understand and make realistic commitments.  Before commitments to accept extra work are communicated, there exists…

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