Best PMP PDU Courses in 2023

Congratulations. If you are reading this, it means you have managed to obtain one of the most grueling Project management certifications, a testament to your dedication and hard work. 

Obtaining the PMP Certification means you have to maintain your certificate by meeting the PMI PMP requirements every 3 years. These requirements include earning a total of 60 PDUS through different ways. One way, and arguably the cheapest way to meet these requirements are through a PMP PDU Course. 

What are PMP PDU Courses?

PDU Courses are courses specifically compiled to meet the Project Management Professional (PMP) Continuing Certification Requirements as set out by PMI. These courses would often be sold as package deals with prices varying based on the number of PDUs you can obtain on completion. For eg, you can purchase a course of 7 PDUS or you can buy a course to meet the entire 60 PDUS requirement by PMI in a 3 Year Cycle

Benefits of PDU Courses

There are many benefits that go with obtaining your required PDUs through a PDU course, as opposed to creating content or attending a webinar. The reasons may vary from person to person, but some reasons you may choose to do a PDU Course are :

Less Admin

PMI provides various ways to obtain PDUs to meet the PMP Continuing Certificate Renewal (CCR), such as attending training courses, presenting at conferences, or contributing to the project management community.

However, keeping track of the different ways to earn PDUs and ensuring that they align with PMI’s talent triangle can be overwhelming and confusing. This is where PDU courses come in handy. By taking a PDU course, you can reduce the administrative burden of recording and reporting your PDUs to PMI.

Additionally, if you choose to earn PDUs through various instructors, you have the added burden of making sure that they are PMI Authorized Training Providers. If not, it can quickly turn into a chaotic mess, making the PMP renewal process much more difficult than it needs to be.

By taking a PMP PDU course, you eliminate this burden as all your PDUs are contained at one source, and you know upcon completion of this course, you will meet the necessary requirements of the PMP Certification Renewal.

Cheaper and less Time Consuming

Obtaining PDUs through PDU courses is a cost-effective alternative to traditional learning resources as traditional resources, like a Coursera course, may include additional information that is not eligible or aligned to the PMI talent triangle. This may mean that you have to spend more time, consuming irrelevant information. This means consuming more information and as a result spending more money on the additional, unnecessary resources.

Best PMP PDU Courses

There are many other reasons why a PMP PDU course may be beneficial, but as a project manager, time and money are limited resources. So what are the best PMP PDU courses out there?

#1 The Official Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG)

Reputation :


MPUG, the official Microsoft Project User Group, has been a trusted name in the project management industry for over 15 years. Known for its commitment to delivering quality education and resources to its members, MPUG has established itself as the go-to source for PMP PDU courses.

What sets MPUG apart from other education providers is its team of industry-leading experts. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their courses, offering valuable insights and practical tips that can be applied in real-world situations. Furthermore, MPUG’s courses are specifically designed to meet the PMP Continuing Certification Requirements set by PMI, ensuring that participants are earning the PDUs they need to maintain their PMP certification.

What’s included?

MPUG offers a wide range of PDU courses to meet the needs of project managers, with access to over 500 individual PDU courses and 7 certificate courses. These courses are designed to meet a variety of PDU requirements, from the minimum needed for PMP certification renewal to advanced education for experienced project managers.


If you are looking for the cheapest way to earn PDU then you can stop your search here. MPUG has various options which include a annual membership with free access to all their PDU-eligible resources, including their PMP PDU courses, or you can buy the course outright Whichever option you choose, MPUG is the cheapest option for earning PDUs – period.

A PMP PDU course, like MPUG’s Project Management Certification Course, will cost you $179 once of for lifetime access and meet the 60 PDUs upon completion.

An annual MPUG membership will cost you $129 per year, cheaper than any PDU course out there at the moment.

#2 PMTraining


PMTraining has been providing students with professional and high-quality methods of preparing for popular career certifications, including the PMP, since 2004. The company is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of project managers, offering a range of resources and training options to help them meet their continuing education requirements.

What’s included?

The PMTraining PMP PDU courses are designed to reinforce key concepts and instill new best practices in project management. With these courses, you can earn up to 60 PDUs and access studio-quality lessons and study materials. The courses are pre-approved by PMI and eligible for up to 60 PDUs.

Access to the courses is available 24×7 and includes unlimited 180-day access to all courseware, including closed captioning. The courses are web-based and can be accessed from any computer with a web browser.


The cost of the PMP PDU courses at PMTraining varies depending on the course, ranging from $58 to $298 USD. The company also offers financing options, starting at $11/month with Affirm. The courses are originally priced at $598 USD, but there is currently a 50% discount available, saving you $300 instantly.

Overall, PMTraining offers a cost-effective solution for PMP certification holders looking to earn the required PDUs and renew their certification. With 24×7 access and high-quality course materials, PMTraining is a great option for anyone seeking to improve their project management skills.

#3 PDU Campus


PDU Campus is a respected and well-established online project management education platform. Their goal is to provide valuable online educational resources to support the career growth of project managers and help them meet PMI’s continuing education requirements. The site offers a wealth of educational resources and training options, including training videos, micro-learning experiences, and useful knowledge sheets. The learning experience is designed to cater to different learning styles, offering a mix of micro-learning activities within each course.

What’s included?

The 60 PDUs course bundle includes a comprehensive curriculum designed to help you earn PDUs and maintain your PMP certification. The bundle covers both essential and advanced project management topics that will enhance your resume and professional development. The distribution of PDUs has been structured to meet the minimum requirements of the PMI Talent Triangle® skill areas, as outlined in the PMI CCR requirements for the year 2022. This bundle offers a cost-effective solution for those seeking to renew their PMP certification.

Important to note that access is for 90 days.


The 60 PDUs bundle is priced at $99, a significant discount from its original price of $396. This makes it a cost-effective option for PMP certification holders looking to renew their certification and earn the required PDUs.

Bottom line

The bottom line for the best PMP PDU courses is that MPUG and PMTraining are both great options. MPUG is a trusted name in the industry and offers access to over 500 individual PDU courses and 7 certificate courses at a low cost with either a one-time purchase or an annual membership. PMTraining offers high-quality, pre-approved PMP PDU courses that can help reinforce key concepts and provide new best practices. Ultimately, both options provide valuable resources for PMP certification holders to maintain their credentials, it just depends on personal preferences and budget.

This content was accurate at 02/04/2023, the time of publishing

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