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Certificate Series: Beyond Macros – Customizing Microsoft Project for Non-Techies Part 1


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Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):

This Webinar is eligible for 2 PMI® PDU’s in the Technical Project Management talent triangle category. If you are claiming this session, you must submit it to your MPUG Webinar History after it has been completed in its entirety.

Session One: Getting Started with Macros

  • Recording and editing basic macros
  • Assigning a macro to the Microsoft Project ribbon
  • Creating a macro to set the baseline for all tasks in your project that have not yet been baselined
  • Creating a “hammock” task that dynamically calculates Duration based upon its Start and Finish “driving tasks”
  • Rounding Duration and Work values to the next highest whole number
  • Removing the displayed Units from a resource name next to a Gantt Chart bar
  • Creating a routine to inflate or deflate work by a specified %
  • Distributing your macros to other users
  • Using macros with standalone Project and Project Server


Ira Brown, the founder and president of Project Widgets, is a leader in the field of project management, and is a recognized Microsoft Project expert. He has over 20 years of experience helping organizations implement enterprise project management solutions. Brown is the widely published author of several Microsoft Project books and a frequent MPUG webinar presenter on the topic of automating Microsoft Project. Project Widgets offers several add-on products for Microsoft Project 2013, as well as previous versions. Contact him at (302) 439-3414.

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Written by Ira Brown

Ira Brown is a leader in the field of project management and a recognized Microsoft Project expert, Project Widgets is well-known for offering add-on products for Microsoft Project and Project Online, as well as for creating custom solutions that meet their client’s unique business requirements.  This company continues to extend the scope and breadth of their offerings, thereby increasing the value they provide to customers, by creating Microsoft Project solutions that are tailored to an organization’s unique needs.  They even have several free, downloadable widgets available on their website that you can begin using right away.

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  1. Excellent! I enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot of useful information.

  2. This was a very useful presentation – a lot of practical information, clearly demonstrated. I will be watching the others in the series.

  3. Learned a great deal from the first session. Would love to get my hands on Ira’s samples of demo’s he said he would distribute to participants.

  4. This was an excellent presentation and very encouraging. I plan on watching the next two sessions. Thank you.

  5. Hello Ira,

    The presentation is excellent teaching us the various issues step by step. However, I would love to learn that if we set Baseline 1 and 2 after setting the Baseline 0, will this still work. Also, for the recently added tasks, I think we should also tick mark the two options in selected tasks dialog box of baseline. Am I right or wrong ?


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