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Change Highlighting in Project 2010/2013 vs 2007

Change highlighting is beautiful, but there are times when you do not want to display it – when you want to print the view, for instance.

Now, of course, you can just hit CTRL-S to save the schedule, and of course that removes any change highlighting. Of course this also clears the stack so that you can no longer undo anything…. There must be a better way! And of course, there is – we can toggle it on or off.

Project 2007

In Project 2007 all one had to do was either Hide or Show Change Highlighting in order to toggle the change highlighting display on or off.

Change Highlighing 1


Project 2010/2013

In Project 2010/2013, one has to find the the Display Change Highlighting button and add it either the the Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon.

Change Highlighing 2

My preference is to add it to the Ribbon as it takes up a lot of space on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Change Highlighing 3






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Written by Ben Howard

Ben Howard – Awarded Community Leader for his very popular and comprehensive UK web training series and has over 30 years of experience of implementing enterprise solutions for customers worldwide.  During that time, he’s worked for IBM, DELL, and Microsoft, as well as several smaller organisations. He now runs his own consultancy (Applepark Ltd), providing Project, Project Online and Power BI implementation and training services. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Value Professional award for Project for the last 13 years, blogs semi-frequently at www.applepark.co.uk, produces video training for Pluralsight, and finally was responsible for producing P2O, an application that exports tasks from Project into Outlook. Follow Ben on twitter: @ben_project, and subscribe to his YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/c/BenHoward_PowerBI


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  1. Why make a simple thing so complicated? In 2007 as in newer verslons, Change highlighting Can be set and completely tuned through Text Styles: nothing new under the sun!!

  2. Hi Jan, I agree, it can be fully tuned in text styles. However, the point of the article is to replicate the one button function of choosing to display it or not.

  3. First of all, understand Change Highlighting is not on with 2013 on my maching by default, nor is it on for several other users I support.

    I’ve added the “button” to my ribbon, but it doesn’t do anything. I click it, nothing toggles. I make a change, nothing highlights. I click it again — same results. I make another change — still no highlights…

  4. Hi,

    I use project 2010 Professional with Office 2013.

    The “Display Change Highlighting” doesn’t appear in the All Commands.
    Another feature?


  5. Hi Bob,
    In Project 2010 it is just called “change highlighting” ; also, I’ve just checked my 2013 version and it’s also called “change highlighting”, so someone, somewhere has changed the command name! Spooky….

  6. Update….

    So it appears that Microsoft haven’t changed anything, they just display a different name depending on the chosen drop down list.

    So for All Commands this is displayed as “Change Highlighting”;
    for Commands not in the Ribbon this is displayed as “Display Change Highlighting”.



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