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Too often, we establish communications styles and processes that are “one size fits all”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In dealing with management, steering committees and other critical project stakeholders, while the messages must be consistent, the approaches we use, the data we share, and the styles we deploy need to be adaptive in terms of the audiences addressed. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to distill your message down to its core elements, create a common vision, and engage an audience quickly and effectively.

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Carl Pritchard, PMP®, PMI-RMP® is the author of seven project management texts, and co-produced “The Audio PMP Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP® Exam” with Bruce Falk. He is the U.S. Correspondent for the British Project Management Magazine, “Project Manager Today” and serves on the board of directors for


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    Carl: thanks for the presentation, one of the best in the library!
    Right when Mr. R was about to tell you what his request was… the recording skipped ahead.
    But his question was clear and will always resonate with me.

    Very best,

    John Williamson
    Sacramento CA

  2. BLUF — is sooo valuable

  3. These guidelines will work in every day life too. I particularly like the advice to stop someone from interrupting.

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