Comprehensive Training on Project Management Tools

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What you will learn to master

“Mastering Project Management Tools” is a comprehensive course designed to help project managers learn and master essential applications such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Jira, Office 365, Outlook, Planner, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, and Visio. The course is based on community survey and feedback from enterprise companies, ensuring that the program covers the most relevant and in-demand skills for project managers. With the skills gained from this course, project managers will be able to efficiently manage projects, collaborate with team members, and deliver successful projects. Additionally, the course includes a bonus lesson with Jeff, where he shares his approach to a photoshoot.


This module covers Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts to increase productivity. You will learn how to convert list-based data into a Table, combine and break apart data, change cell appearance, use dynamic array functions and XLOOKUP, and turn untidy data into useable data with Query Editor. Additionally, you will learn data visualization techniques to effectively represent numerical data and create engaging charts, including bar charts, line charts, and infographic-style charts. The learning objectives include selecting the appropriate chart, creating charts from data, and integrating charts with other applications.


In this module, you will learn about integrating Jira with Microsoft Project Online to enhance your project management capabilities. You will understand how working with projects that are agile, waterfall, or tied to any ERP or SAP system can limit your company’s view of actuals and impact accuracy, limiting your ability to procure real-time data from disparate systems.

Office 365

In this module, you will learn how to integrate your daily tasks and project schedules using Office 365. Outlook is the go-to tool for managing corporate and personal tasks, but as a Project Manager or Team Member, you need to perform tasks as defined by various project schedules.


In this module, you will be equipped with the skills to manage your tasks in both Outlook and Microsoft Project seamlessly. The module will introduce you to an add-in developed by Applepark Ltd. that exports tasks from Microsoft Project into Outlook and keeps them in sync so that changes to project timelines are automatically reflected in your Outlook calendar. This will allow you to view all your tasks in a single location and eliminate the need to switch between Outlook and Project.


In this module, will learn how to use the tool for planning and tracking lightweight projects and how it integrates with Microsoft Teams. Part 1 will focus on using Planner and Teams to manage tasks, while Part 2 will cover using Power Automate to store Planner tasks in SharePoint and connect to Power BI for enterprise-wide task management reporting. By the end of the session, you will have the skills to implement this solution in your organization by downloading the template flow and Power BI files.

Power BI

In this module, you will learn how to report on the new Project Online feature, Resource Engagements, using Power BI Custom Visuals. You will understand how custom visuals provide unlimited ways of visualizing and analyzing your data in unique and impactful ways. This session will empower you to enable your Resource Managers to make informed decisions and optimize resource utilization with Power BI and Project Online Resource Engagements. You will learn how to create meaningful dashboards and reports without the need for technical coding skills and easily manage and share with stakeholders from any device.


In this module, you will learn how to support your project and portfolio management process using Microsoft Project and SharePoint along with Line of Business systems such as SAP and JIRA. This includes learning how to take advantage of the synergy between these products, extend the impact of Project, manage tasks more efficiently and increase engagement with your Sponsor. You will also learn how to combine the features of SharePoint and Project with advanced reporting capabilities of BrightWork to build project plans and track progress.


In this module you will learn how to effectively use MS Teams as a tool for project management and virtual collaboration. Topics covered include creating team resources, actual resources, and self-assigning tasks in Project Online, improving team utilization and collaboration. Participants will also learn about the integrated Office apps and services available within MS Teams, best practices for agile project collaboration and management, utilizing Office 365 tools for project delivery and virtual connectivity, and effectively running virtual meetings. The learning outcomes include project planning, team communication and collaboration, risk and issue management, document management, moderating meetings, capturing meeting notes, and managing follow up actions.


In this Visio module, you will learn how to manage your project data effectively by building a business intelligence dashboard in less than 30 minutes. The module will explore the use of Visio in measuring and visualizing team members’ progress towards project goals, turning flowcharts into dynamic process reporting tools, and building a project timeline. The module will also teach you how to publish the diagrams to SharePoint so that anyone can view them without the need for Visio. You will learn how to create a timeline in Visio using data from Excel, automatically create a Project plan and Gantt chart, and link Visio process maps to data in Project Online.

Course Lessons

Introduction – Barbecanna (0 PDUS)

1.1 Excel

3.2 JIRA

3.3 Office 365

3.4 Outlook

3.5 Planner

3.6 Power BI

3.8 SharePoint

3.9 Teams

3.10 Visio

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