Do You Think Santa Might Use Microsoft Project?

Remember the time we interviewed Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts author, Sam Huffman, and asked the question, “Do you think Santa might use MSP?”

Sam’s response was a good one:

I think he does. When you think about it, Santa has most of the elements required for managing a large project: strong leadership, high performance teams, clear final goal, clear schedule, parts and supply management in place, and clear understanding of expectations. I’m sure that risk management is also a factor due to all of the international boundaries he crosses. And due to the speed of project delivery, I’m pretty sure he uses a Kanban Board to manage workflow and get a grip on performance.

At any rate, we’re offering a chance for you to run with PM Big Dogs for free this holiday season! Get MPUG’s complete Microsoft Project Essential Bootcamp course by Sam Huffman for free until December 31, 2021. Happy Holidays!

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