Fluent User Interface, Project and Excel

Daniel Bell’s presentation starts with new user Microsoft Project 2010 interface and really helps to get a new user comfortable with navigating the menus. Most users will notice the change in the menu system first. Microsoft Project 2010 now uses the ribbon concept that was incorporated in other Office applications in its 2007 release. Dan does a good job explaining how items that were once found in the File, Edit, and Menu sections are now easily accessible through a series of tabs along the top of the ribbon. As a new user, I really find it useful to have someone go though each tab, explain what each tab contains, and then demonstrate how easy it is to access some of the settings. I also thought it was helpful that Dan explained the new quick access toolbar, which helps users quickly go to settings they use frequently.

I also liked how Dan used the program to demonstrate how to take a list from email and create a project with it. It’s easier to learn this task by watching a video than it is by reading PowerPoint slides. This task, which Dan showed in depth, would be helpful for a beginning user. Dan showed how items in a project can be copied and pasted into other Office programs and can even be changed in those other programs.

I think this is a great video for users who are familiar with Project but have not yet used Project 2010. It helps users get acquainted with new facets of the software and starts them down the path to using the software fluently.

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