Integration with SharePoint

The eighth video in the Microsoft Project 2010 certificate series talks about integrating project files with SharePoint. The video is presented by Daniel Bell of MS Project Now. This video shows users the different task list types that can be synced via SharePoint, along with the ability to edit the project in both Microsoft Project 2010 and SharePoint. There are a few good notes that users will get out of this video, the first being that the project file but me saved locally and not on a server. Another great point is that tasks must be set to manually schedule; SharePoint will not work with the traditional automatic scheduling that older versions of Microsoft Project had. Daniel then walks through the steps to show users just how to sync their task lists with SharePoint.

Another great tip presented in this video is the conflict resolution box that users will see if an item was changed in either program. This dialogue box allows users to choose whether they want to keep the changes made in Microsoft Project 2010 or if they want to keep the changes made in SharePoint. Daniel’s final topic is about creating views in SharePoint to show the tasks. He walks users through various views that will help display the tasks, and information for the tasks, to outside users. This is a great video for users who are interest in posting their project to SharePoint. It gets users started out on how to sync the project along with basic editing on both programs.

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