Ira Brown of Project Widgets presented the video on macros. He showed how to record a new macro and add a shortcut to the new ribbon as well as a bit on using Visual Basic code. Both new and existing users of Microsoft Project will find this video useful, because it demonstrates shortcuts that will really speed the project up.

Ira showed how to record and test a macro and test it, as well as setting some of the settings up after the record. He also demonstrated how to use a macro by setting a baseline for tasks that may be added later in the project. A user can just click a short cut and set a new baseline. In addition, Ira modeled basic macro editing using Visual Basic. This can be a difficult part of using macros, especially if the user is unfamiliar with the programming language. To sum up, this video gives the user great advice in making the use of Microsoft Project 2010 an enjoyable experience.

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