Manually Scheduled Tasks

MPUG contributor Sam Huffman of the Versatile Company presented one of Project 2010’s new features: manually scheduling tasks.

Sam explained that this feature was added to Project 2010 so that the user can schedule with a top-down approach, which means that a project file can be built without knowing all the details up front. Project 2007 required users to know a task’s duration as well as its start date. Because Project 2010 allows this initial ambiguity, users can add a task to a project without knowing any task details. This prevents a great deal of user frustration, because they can add the details in at a later date.

Sam then showed how to use the manually scheduled task feature by giving visual cues to the user the visual cues so they remembered that they were in manually scheduled task mode. This experienced user was so familiar with both the new feature and the auto schedule task option from earlier versions of Project that it was easy to follow along. The video ended by showing settings to help users in their Project 2010 experience.

This video is targeted to all Project users. It will help both new and experienced users to get the most out of the manually scheduled task feature.

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