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The first video presentation for Microsoft Project 2010 is presented by Collin Quiring from Project Management Professionals (PMP)® Specialists. He starts by explaining the timeline view in Microsoft Project 2010 as well as the general idea behind it. The timeline is a way to present tasks for non-project users – that is, users who are unfamiliar with the Gantt chart. It is also a way to take certain tasks and display them in order without displaying the entire project. This works well if you want to send a third party only certain dates and tasks to be completed, without showing every task in the entire project.

Collin also explains how to change the timeline’s format to highlight certain milestones or important tasks. One of the best tips given in this video is how to copy and paste a timeline into other applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel. In addition, Quiring covers formatting the timeline in other applications, such as PowerPoint. This video really clarifies the ease that the timeline adds to Microsoft Project 2010. It may become an even more useful tool in later versions of Project. Users should watch this video, get comfortable with the timeline, and pay attention to the questions asked.

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