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Managing a Resource-Constrained Project

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Managing a Resource-Constrained Project


The course comprises of 3 webinar sessions of 2 hours each. MPUG Certificate upon completion of series and opportunity for 6 PMI® PDUs total.

Event Description

This unique event being presented by MPUG will provide the opportunity for you to be a part of a three-part, online training series that will bring you to a new level of managing resource constrained projects.  Each attendee will be guided through building and tracking a project that develops an integration between Project Server and an invoicing system.

The resource leveling feature of Microsoft Project provides the best solution for managing resource utilization across project tasks.  You will learn how to create, plan, and manage a project using the full power of Microsoft’s flagship scheduling tool.  This series will show how you can spend less time tracking your project, while attaining improved resource capacity planning over any other method available.

There is an old Chinese proverb:  “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”  Log in with your PC and Microsoft Project, and understand what it takes to properly plan and track a resource constrained project.

Training Series Agenda

Session One

  • Create and setup your project
  • Build the schedule
  • Activity sequencing for resource leveling
  • Add and assign resources

Session Two

  • Level resources and respond to results
  • Approve and baseline your project
  • Track project progress

Session Three

  • Respond to project and resource changes
  • Close the project
  • Managing resources across programs
  • Using resource leveling with Project Server

Learning Objectives

During this event, the attendee will learn how to create and plan a resource constrained project using Microsoft Project’s resource leveling feature.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

  • This series is designed for Project Managers who are experienced in using Microsoft Project (i.e. understand task predecessors, constraints, resource assignments, utilization, etc.).  We will use these features to properly plan and manage resource constrained projects.
  • Microsoft Project 2013 will be used during the session.  The majority of features that will be shown are available in all Microsoft Project versions, but the instructions and process can best be followed using Microsoft Project 2013 or 2010.
  • Please note that training files will be provided in Project 2010 file format.  Project 2007 users must be able to open Project 1020 files.  It will also be the responsibility of the user to transpose the ribbon-based menu commands to the appropriate toolbar commands in Microsoft Project 2007 during this session.
  • As an alternative, attendees will also have the option to use a hosted version of Microsoft Project 2013.
  • Finally, it is advised that you use two monitors while participating in the training sessions.  Use one monitor for viewing the instructor-led session and the other for working with your schedule.


Larry Christofaro, PMP, MCITP

Larry Christofaro is the president and Executive Consultant with EPM Solution Partners, with over 20 years of project management experience. He combines strengths in EPM architecture and project management to successfully manage Project, Program, and Portfolio engagements ranging from 50-2000 users that deliver winning solutions for his clients.

You can contact Larry at lchristofaro@epmsolutionpartners.com


If you are a MPUG member, you can log-in and view the recording of each session here: