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Seeking to improve project measurement and control across your organization and get the most from your Microsoft license investment?

The MPUG® community can help.  You’ve already invested in the tools to manage projects, you have the right strategy, methodology and people. Now give everyone on your project teams the training to leverage those investments.  If the project data isn’t input correctly, it can’t be reported or measured correctly.  We will help you drive your project teams’ productivity with Microsoft Project, SharePoint and Excel.



  • Learning Paths for all levels of your organization
  • Over 500 hours of on-demand training in addition to weekly live web trainings created and presented by industry experts
  • Trainings range from project data entry and migration for general users to advanced scheduling, dashboards and reporting for professional project managers
  • Expert instructors and contributors from across the globe
  • Templates and how-to articles reduce time to productivity



  • Productivity centered, project management training accessible to all team members for just pennies a day through MPUG volume licensing.
  • Training eligible for PMI® PDUs across all three categories of the new PMI® talent triangle
  • Easy user reporting and tracking via personalized transcripts and certificates of completion
  • Content that is crowd vetted by 600k+ users giving you the most effective training and tips
  • Your employee’s emails are safe with us. We never spam, share or sell e-mail addresses
  • Ten+ years as the official Microsoft Project industry association


Already have an enterprise project management training program?

We can support you. Our on-demand content and a pool of 200+ instructors can augment your internal training. Join these industry leaders that use MPUG training to implement projects within the Microsoft toolset.


PLUS, groups get a direct line to MPUG for content and support and a custom portal for easy access and administration. Contact us to try MPUG today!


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Learning Paths for Project Managers




The Beginner Course Path Covers:

● Getting Started with Project Management
● What Is a Project?
● What Is Project Management?
● Who are Project Managers?
● Getting Started with Microsoft® Project and the Microsoft® Toolset
● Defining the Project Plan
● Creating a Project Plan
● Creating Tasks and Dependencies
● Controlling a Project Plan
● Tracking your project
● Managing Project Resources
● Reporting on Projects
The Intermediate Course Path Covers:

● Exploring the new features of Project
● Best Practices for using MSP Professional and Project Web App
● PMI® Practice Standards for WBS and Scheduling
● Resource Leveling, Baselining and Status Input
● Weekly Status Updates and Reporting
● Deep Dive with MSP Features Expert Desktop Essentials: Timeline View, Macros, SharePoint Integration with Project, Resource Management and more!
● Meijer Case Study: Planning, Implementing, Tracking, and Lessons Learned.
The Expert Course Path Covers:

● Identifying Inappropriate Practices in Schedules
● Avoiding Recurrence of Bad Practices
● Enterprise Adoption Strategy for Project
● Best Practices for Immediate Usage
● Aligning Strategy to Portfolio Management Processes and Value Proposition
● Portfolio Planning
● Governance
● Risk Management
● Resource Management
● Sustaining and Embedding Strategy
● Leading Project Migrations
Recommended for People who are:

● new to MSP and/or Project Management
● part-time/unofficial project managers
● experienced project managers who need to freshen up their skills
Recommended for People's who want:

● a deep-dive on Microsoft Project features
● to build upon indispensable PM skills
● to improve efficiency and fundamental business practices
Recommended for People Who:

● practice project portfolio management
● need to enhance their strategic influence
● lead project management offices/teams

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