Extended EMPWR.AI Free Trial is Now Available for MPUG Members  

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For the past few months a number of MPUG members have been working with Envorso on a new AI tool for project managers called Empwr.ai. They recently started inviting project managers to use the tool for an extended free trial while they are in beta testing. We want to extend the offer to you because the Empwr.ai founders are looking for feedback from project managers like you.

The Empwr.ai team is on a mission to unlock the power of the world’s unstructured business data. They are planning to enable powerful automations and illuminate previously hidden insights.

Today, Empwr.ai turns your Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and Slack meetings into sharable AI-generated meeting outcomes that include:

  • Summary
  • Topics Discussed
  • Decisions Made
  • Action Items Assigned

Simply invite the Empwr.ai Meeting Analyzer (bot@empwr.ai) to your calls

It will join like any other attendee to take notes. After the meeting is complete, it will send access to meeting outcomes to all attendees. Empwr.ai provides a secure and organized library for your meeting outcomes and you can easily copy and paste sections of the outcomes into emails or documentation. 

Getting started couldn’t be easier

  • Signup for an account at empwr.ai with your work email  
  • Invite the Meeting Analyzer (bot@empwr.ai) to any of your calendar invites that has a Zoom, Google Meet, or MS Teams link attached to it
  • Then, the Meeting Analyzer becomes your team notetaker 

Click here for more details on getting started Once you sign up for an account, email one of the founders, Jeremiah Seraphine (js@empwr.ai) to let him know you’re associated with MPUG, and he will extend your free trial. All he asks is that you provide feedback about your experience.

Written by The MPUG Community
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