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Manage Agile Projects with Microsoft Project AND Save Time Using Macros in Microsoft Project

At the end of this session, you will be able to do the following tasks in Microsoft Project:

1. Manage Agile Projects using Microsoft Project

  • Use summary tasks to define Springs with fixed dates and duration
  • Choose the right task mode for Springs and Stories
  • Create Backlog of stories and move Stories to Sprints
  • Alias / customize Project fields to define story points, velocity
  • Validate the Spring schedule when scheduling stories
  • Record detailed user stories for each Story
  • Identify who does what and resource overallocations
  • Analyze and compare the planned velocity with the current velocity of each Sprint

2. Macros in Microsoft Project

  • Record and run a simple macro
  • Enable or disable macros
  • Describe Project Object Model objects, properties, methods and events
  • Use objects, properties, methods of objects in macros
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