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Forecast Scheduling for Real-World Projects (Project Online 2018)


Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):
This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDUs in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.


Event Description:

This presentation is on the NEW textbook ‘Forecast Scheduling with Project Online 2018’ by Eric Uyttewaal. The author invented the ‘Principle of Dynamic Scheduling’ stating: If one thing changes in your project, you should have to change only a single cell in your project schedule. The scheduling engine will then recalculate the rest of the schedule and forecast finish and total cost. Using this principle, you can minimize your effort when updating schedules, which is hard during the busy execution phase. This principle led to a second ‘Principle of Forecast Scheduling’ that states: If you set up your project schedule as a valid, dynamic, robust model of the project, it will continuously forecast your project. With these two principles in mind, Eric reviewed all features in Project Online and revised his 86 best-practices for real-world projects. By following these, you will take your project scheduling to the next level. You could use the corresponding add-in, called Forecast Scheduling App, to guide you through this process. You can now even become certified as a Forecast Scheduler on three levels of modeling: Time, Workloads and Costs. These levels build on one another in the order listed. PMOs will have a framework, a textbook, a checklist and an add-in to analyze all schedules in their portfolio and provide detailed feedback to schedule owners. Why are YOU not forecasting your projects?

Key learning points:

  • What is your aim: Model the Time, Workload and/or Cost dimension of your project?
  • The principle of Dynamic Scheduling and Forecast scheduling demonstrated in real-life projects
  • What benefits to expect from Dynamic Scheduling and Forecast scheduling?

The author will give demonstrations in Microsoft Project Online.


Presenter Info:
Eric Uyttewaal is a thought leader on project, program and portfolio management. Most of his time, he uses software from Microsoft. He authored seven well-known textbooks ‘Forecasting Programs’, ‘Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010/2013/Online’ and ‘Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2000/2002/2003’. He founded ProjectPro that specializes in scheduling programs and in Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. He was president of PMI-Ottawa in 1997. Eric received awards from PMI in 2009, from MPUG in 2012, and yearly awards from Microsoft from 2010 until 2017 (MVP – Most Valuable Professional).


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