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I think of a summary task as a container for other tasks…a file folder. If you were looking at a folder on your computer with a word document inside, you wouldn’t write your content on the folder, you would write it on the document inside the folder. Same concept here…we should think of the content landing at the task level, not its container.

I also would challenge you this way…if you want to have resources and dependencies at the summary task level, why even have the fidelity of the lower level tasks beneath it at all? You should schedule at the level where you want to manage the work. And if you’re doing that, your resources and dependencies should also be at that level. If you’re tempted to use summary tasks for everything, you may want to question why you have subtasks at all.

Also…if you are doing resource planning…especially if it leads to something like EVMS reporting, it’s important to assign people to the specific work they will be doing. When you implement Enterprise project and begin doing enterprise-level resource planning, you can even add resources to the Sharepoint Engine and have them status the tasks they are responsible for. Therefore you will want them to status at the task level, not the summary task level.