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Larry Christofaro

Denise, I’ll start with telling you that I “think” that will work just fine. I’ve used something similar to that using duration fields. You may not need to enter actual finish once remaining work is zero, but watch to make sure actual/remaining hours don’t change when you overwrite Actual Finish (sorry, too many task configuration options for me to be sure). I do have a question for you. What is the source and format of the data you are using to enter actual hours. If you are getting data as total actual hours by task then that method will work fine. I quite often see this as resource actual hours by task for the period (like from a time tracking system). If that’s the case then they will need to add the additional hours to the current actual hours from prior periods. You might want to use a version of the Resource Usage view (or Task Usage if you are getting the information by task) and enter actual work for that period (usually weekly). It might be easier and you won’t have to enter actual start or actual finish as the finish will be accurate to the timescale entry. Hope that helps. Let me know if this option makes sense or you have any questions.