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Larry Christofaro

Michael, I’m not sure I would change my answer that much. What I would do (again, based on the information you provided) is to define the development timeline to when you want or plan to be completed. It sounds like defining the scope and resources to be able to finish in time for the coming winter would be preferred, but that of course depends on required scope and resource constraints. Then I would setup the testing timeline based on that plan. That’s what gets baselined. Then I would define the risk and impact of not meeting that timeline. It could even be a positive risk if the plan is to not be in time for the coming winter.

The key is to define a plan and track to that plan. The problem with having a “whenever the development guys are done” approach will assure you that you won’t make it in time for the winter months. Define, manage, and track to the plan estimated by the development team and committed by management. Then make sure you communicate to all if/when the plan is running late and the defined risk of not correcting. Hope that helps…