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Keshava Moorthy

Hi Sai Prasad,

Thanks for your response. I also raised this query in Microsoft community forum, hoping Microsoft technical team would respond and clarify. They did not !

But somebody else responded saying I should use “Height” and “Extend” parameters in the SelectRow command before doing EditCopy. I tried the same but no difference while copying from one file to other as it still did not copy.

It looks like a bug in 2013 which Microsoft did not fix. I would have expected a macro in 2003 working in 2013 without any change as otherwise why I would buy 2013 if I need to change my macors when I am not interested with any additional features? I am also worried there might be more such issues in 2013 !

Like you said, thinking now of copying line by line, maintaining properties such as indent/outdents to maintain children relationships.

Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated.

Keshava Moorthy