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Larry Christofaro

From your message I’m not able to determine an answer. Some thoughts:
* You say it is complete in the Project Pro timeline, I assume that also means in the task sheet.
* If the task is complete in PWA (in the schedule PDP in view mode or any other view) then the task update has been published. Viewing a schedule in PWA displays the published version, edit mode displays the working version.
* Could it be you are reporting from a cube that hasn’t been rebuilt (sorry, just trying to ask all the questions)
* On that note, could it be that you are reporting from the SharePoint list? It should still work but it does require that extra synch of the data.
* Is the initial publish from PWA? I wonder if it might be an issue with PWA publish vs. a publish from Project Pro.
* Are you pulling from the reporting DB or from OData? Shouldn’t be an issue either way but might be worth comparing the two.

Power Query is simply reporting on the data so I would concentrate on the publish/synch. Some suggestions:
* Validate the observations above.
* Make sure your initial publish of the task update is the same as when you republish tasks (Project Pro). Could be a bug worth reporting.
* Check the data between each step to see what is and isn’t working

Best I can come up with off the top of my head. Good luck…